Catherine Coming to North America This Summer: Who Lied To You?

Today I woke up to good news. Catherine coming out in North America?  Oh, yeah, that’s good news, but the best news is that I was right.  The vague article posted on Beefjack just reeked of poor journalism and sensationalism, and as it resonated through the blogosphere (1, 2) I chose to ignore it until something concrete came out…and now it has.

Before we break open the champagne, I just want to take a moment to further explain my frustrations here.  Watching as gamers took the Beefjack article as God’s truth pained me; I wanted to shake each person who believed it and say “have some patience you moron!”  And this isn’t the first time I have had to sit and watch people jump to conclusions for no good reason.  But now, Beefjack has made a post blaming the games industry.  You really need to read that malarkey.

They claim that Atlus PR lied to them regarding the release of Catherine.  Oh no you didn’t, son.  First of all, Journalism fucking 101: if you have a quote, attach the name of the person who made said quote so that they can be held accountable (I don’t even gotta journalism degree and I be knowin’ this).  Their initial article does no such thing.  Likewise, their new article blaming Atlus for supposedly lying to them does not do this either.

If I had undeniable proof that someone lied to me on a professional level, that shit would be pasted all over my blog.  I would have fucking screenshots of my correspondence and I would contact Atlus for a statement openly.  I wouldn’t bitch about how my mistake is not my own.  As a reader or consumer of facts it is not your job to look for signs of sloppy journalism, but sadly if you want to read about video games you really have to pay attention for shit like this.

Alright, what do you say we open that champagne now?  Catherine. This year. Fuck yeah. Long live Atlus.

Image of Catherine

Image of Catherine


6 Responses to Catherine Coming to North America This Summer: Who Lied To You?

  1. Scott says:

    The games news industry has changed so much with the Internet (like everything). Accurate news isn't the aim anymore, it's being the first to report something regardless of its source, or lack thereof. And the fans are caught up in the "FIRST!!!!!!!" mentality, re-posting it everywhere they can. When you take such an incredibly popular and anticipated cult game like this and add those mindsets, stuff spreads like wildfire, especially when it's unexpected "news", like this.

    Regardless of Atlus' part in this, it was a great move for the game….waaaay more people are talking about it now than if Atlus just confirmed what everyone knew, that it was coming State-side.

    And Beefjack's petulant blame at the 'games industry' is hilarious: "How dare you make us accountable to our readers for what we sourceless-ly report!"

  2. I too found the original article is bit fishy. Atlus has been on a roll in localizing stuff, and why they would not localize a game they've been hyping since the beginning would be odd, it's not like they're Namco Bandai (though Bamco releasing a new Tales game in the west still baffles me). I am glad it is coming out here now, I played the demo and really enjoyed the puzzle platforming.

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  4. Nowind says:

    I don't care about the small talk or who is the first posting the news and whatnot. All I cared about was the official announcement of an US release. I've got it and now I'm happy.

    Now…to find a trustworthy online shop which sends stuff to Europe, so I can place my pre-order…hmm…

    Oh, almost forgot…thank you, Atlus!

  5. Georgi says:

    Thank you (and Atlus) for this. I'm so glad that article was debunked because it just stank to high heaven, and I'm super excited to see that NA release date for Catherine! Now to fret over the real question: 360 or PS3?

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