Dat Pre-Heavensward Animus Glow

*Blog Status Update: Ignore if You Don’t Care*
I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction. I know what you’re thinking: “Ha, you mean NOT the post-nothing-at-all-direction?” Yes, yes–that’s enough snark from you. No, I’ve thought a lot about what would get me motivated to start writing again and I think I’ve figured it out.

It’s not following PR announcements with all the the actual detail/shelf life of a ripe avocado.

It’s not writing long, sweeping articles about threats to the future of the industry as a respectable artistic medium.

Naw, I just want to play games and write about what I’m doing in ‘em and why. So that’s what I’ma do. So sit back and enjoy my accounts reflecting on what I’ve been doing with my gaming time. Or don’t. Whatever.
*End of Blog Update*

Now this is a change of pace. I’m hanging out in a forested path with two friends I’ve known on Twitter for years. We’ve taken down Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter together, podcasted together, and now we’re waiting for a certain quest to spawn in Final Fantasy 14–the MMO I just can’t stop playing (when I actually have the time, that is). We’ve been waiting a while, but wasting time with friends? Way better than flying solo. We’re chatting about our various in-game goals, the best ways to get cute gear, and why green tea candy is popular in Japan.

Flying solo had been my MO for nearly a year until I just recently payed Square Enix real money to change which server my character can sign into. Haven’t regretted this decision in the slightest. My friends definitely make me feel at home, eagerly helping me with tasks just like this one.

I’m trying to work my way through the worst grind I’ve probably ever faced in a game. Nine books. Each one demanding a trio of dungeons, 100 specific enemies, and these randomly timed quests. My reward for completing these formidable tomes? An upgrade of my current weapons–fists resembling white tiger heads–only they gain a GLOWING AURA. Fuck. Yeah. Is there a better thing to punch someone in the face with than a glowing white tiger head? Well, yeah, two of ‘em, duh.

I want to do this thing before Heavensward, Final Fantasy 14‘s beefy expansion, supposedly packed with a whole game’s worth of content. Gotta have some glowing fists going into that. And it don’t hurt to punch a little harder  when everything is bound to hit a little harder right back.

When the random quest finally spawns, my friends and I cut the convo short and quickly set about punching, slashing, and poking a group of enemies attacking some bumbling NPCs. Once the dust settles it’s clear to me this would have been a pretty stressful (potentially impossible) task solo. But instead, I had a great time even through the dullest moments (i.e., the waiting).

I completed those books the other day and my upgraded weapons are glorious. I’ll probably take it easy now that the main goal I set before Heavensward is crossed off my list. It’s pretty great knowing I’ll be diving into the expansion with some friends and a pair of glowing predatory cats at my side.

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