Final Fantasy XIII: Weapons System, Missions, and More

I can hardly keep up with the onslaught of news regarding Final Fantasy XIII lately.  It seems like as the Japanese December release grows closer, Square Enix just chucks information at us like a crazy-cat-lady throwing cats.  The latest bit of news, released over the holiday (sorry for the delay), concerns weapons, missions, and etc!  There is a lot to cover so I am going to use bullets to keep me motivated:


  • Weapons can be customized using a web-site while on Cocoon, or at standard save points for all other areas.
  • Each character has a fixed weapon type they can use, with multiple variations available throughout the game.
  • Material required for weapon customization can be acquired from shops, drops, mission rewards, or treasure chests.
  • Applying these materials is essentially like applying experience points in that at a certain point, the weapon levels up.
  • Each weapon has a different level limit, once this limit is reached a weapon can be changed into a “Key Item”.  Key Items are used to produce the best weapons in the game.

Increasing the level of Lightning’s Blaze Edge


  • Characters appear to only have 3 stats: Attack Power, Magic Power and HP.  Enhancements to individual characters come largely from abilities imbued into their accessories.  These include simple stat increases to effects such as auto-haste (aww yeah…) etc.
  • Multiple accessories can be equipped.
  • Equipping multiple accessories with the same boosting effects to a single character results in a bonus.


Throughout Pulse the player can find a number of inscribed monuments (pictured above) which designate monsters that need slaying.  Once the player accepts a mission, if the target monster is located it will read “MISSION” above its head (top picture).  Your mark will sometimes be a very common monster, and sometimes a very tough creature.  Some images have been released of especially large critters, such as this mega-cactuar dubbed Jyabotenda:

After the target beast is felled, you can return to the monument for your reward.  Some missions are repeatable while some can only be cleared once.  There is a ranking system (in game, not online as far as I know) and successful hunts increase your rank in relation to the marks difficulty.


It has been confirmed that this title’s Cid is named Cid Raines.  He leads an air-ship and militia called Kiheitai.  I would translate it to “Rough Riders”, although that doesn’t really “historically” hold any water, I just think it sounds cool.  It also appears that Cid is not an enemy to l’Cie, but more a neutral party who I would guess may become a sympathizer.  In the final trailer, the fiery man accompanying him is named Captain Rigby.  He is a hot-blooded rebellious youth, who I would guess may die.  OMG SPOILERS!!1

Lastly, Vainlle’s summon is indeed (as a certain commenter suspected) Hecatonchires.  This is of course the first appearance of this Eidolon in the Final Fantasy series.


Wow, if you made it this far you must have a general interest in my opinions rather than just finding this on google!   Anyway, I think the part that excites me the most about this news is the weapons/accessory system.  I love being able to customize my character to an unhealthy degree.  I feel like this system will really allow for that, at least more so than most Final Fantasies.  I anticipate  a lot of menu time for me! *drool*

The mission system really doesn’t seem all that exciting to me, yet it seems less annoyingly thrust upon the player than in XII.  At least now that it’s tied into weapon customization, my interest is piqued.

All in all I am happy with the direction the game is going.  I think it’s a real contender for best game of 2010 and it comes out in just the first quarter!  That gives us three quarters to play it or I dunno… learn a language, plant a tree, kiss a hobo, etc.

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8 Responses to Final Fantasy XIII: Weapons System, Missions, and More

  1. Ravvie says:

    Flurgghfdgd. That Flan looks awesome. Monument also looks awesome. The cutsey!cactaurs are back. Awesome.

    And yessss. More customization. I just hope there’s more variety in weapon appearance than VIII. I’ve only spotted two different (not including Blaze Edge) weapons for Lightning in the trailers, and they were not… as epic as Blaze edge? xD

    I also hope we get a whoooole load of accessory slots. Only having one in XII made me sadface, only enough room for the Auto-bubble ones.

    Why have I not already pre-ordered a copy of the JP version. I don’t care if I can’t understand it well, I need something to carry me through ’til March. You better post horribly long reviews/play-through updates on this.

  2. David Macphail says:

    Just one of the many fantastic RPG’s coming out next year (Along with White Knight Chronicles and Pokemon Heart Gold). Where will i get the time to play them all? :)

  3. Roy says:

    @Raja the website is a simulated in-game method of improving your weapons, there isn’t an actual website unfortunately. That would be cool though! :P

  4. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait, feels like its actually coming out now :) I dread all of the potential reading with the in-game tutorials though. “Would you like to learn about [insert system]?” Inevitably I will be 80% of the way through a game when it hits me “Oh, THAT’s how this works!”.

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