Friday Link Roundup 7/29-8/2


Every Friday I make a post containing links to interesting articles I have found throughout the week. If you already follow me on Twitter, then you will have probably seen most of the following links. Don’t forget to like the Kotowari Facebook page as well. Enjoy!



The Last of Us official fan film

The third installment in the Feminst Frequency series on Damsels in Distress went up this week. Check it out.

If you’re out of the loop on the whole Dragon’s Crown review fiasco, this video sums it all up pretty well and helps put things into perspective.

6 Responses to Friday Link Roundup 7/29-8/2

  1. nowind says:

    Terrible, terrible week for the gaming industry (and gamers themselves).

    Not all hope is lost though, thanks to that delicious Elizabeth figure. *_*

  2. nowind says:

    Ahah, yes you did. Your friday posts either make me happy, sad, a little of both or go “d’awww” at times.

    In any case Roy, I’m expecting to read your thoughts on Dragon’s Crown once/if you feel like posting something. I’m still not so sure myself, and all of the reviews that I’ve read, did really a poor job at explaining anything that isn’t “boobs & arses”. Hopefully, you’ll cover more than that.

  3. Josh C. says:

    I’ll be happy when that Atlus mess is over; hopefully someone good buys them and not too much changes. The thing that worries me about Nintendo buying them would be what happens to Atlus USA. Seems like they might get canned as redundent and even if they aren’t there would be one less player in the in dependant localization market.

    • kotowari says:

      This is a realistic fear, and something I hadn’t even considered… Hopefully Atlus USA would just be absorbed by Nintendo USA? I’m even more afraid of a buyer trying to increase Atlus’s output and/or exhausting their intellectual properties. I feel like Nintendo has a real respect for taking your time to enhance quality and investing in IPs. For this reason, I think the two would jive nicely together.

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