Half-Minute Hero II Details Revealed

I followed Half-Minute Hero closely as it was being promoted and released in Japan, hoping against hope it would reach the states.  Thankfully X-Seed stood up to the task and the game proved as awesome as it looked, being one of the champions in the PSP’s corner.  Recently, a teaser site for the game’s sequel launched and today a full article on the game was published on Famitsu.com.

In terms of gameplay, the different scenarios will all be using a playstyle that emulates RPGs.  I am not sure if that means each scenario features identical gameplay, but hope it varies somewhat.  The variety was part of what made the last game so interesting.  Also there is no longer a time restriction when the player is moving around the world map, only when on one of the 90+ quests in the game.

A new mode allow players to join forces online through ad-hoc multiplayer.  This mode features a number of new scenarios with different rules.  Player can also create their own mini-quests and play with others through the same multiplayer.  Scenarios can be uploaded and played by anyone.  You can design the world map, arrange buildings and townsfolk and even make up their dialog.  Sounds like this will be annoying without a keyboard…

Another new mode dubbed “Hero Infinite” will put one hero against a demon king which continually re-spawns.  I believe the goal is to see how many times you can take him down in the 30 second time limit.

Lastly there are now a total of 5 scenarios:

Half-Minute Hero Overture

  • A member of the kingdom’s army, Yuusha, is ordered to defeat a monster called “eight elements”

Half-Minute Hero Judgment

  • The gate of hell has been opened and demons are flowing out all over the world. Yuusha will join forces with a rival to fight them off.

Half-Minute Hero Revolution

  • The princess, Yushia, decides to go on a fun adventure with her classmates but must do so before her thirty second curfew is up!

Half-Minute Hero Ragnarok

  • A hero by the name of Yuujya finds a collapsed world.  There he must figure out how to prevent the gods from descending and destroying everything using the mysterious mechanism number 30.

Half-Minute Hero Destiny

  • Hero castle and the gods face off in a battle 1000 years in the making.

Half-Minute Hero II is slated to come out November 4th in Japan.  Given the rather underground success of the first Half-Minute Hero title, fans of the series may not be in the clear when it comes to this title being localized.  Hopefully X-Seed will realize that the game’s cult following haven’t had enough half-minute mayhem.

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