Here are 4 of My Favorite Guns in Splatoon

Nintendo doesn’t bring new IPs into the world very often (last one was Pikmin circa 2001), but when they do; fuck man, they do it right. Equal parts Portal and Jet Set Radio, Splatoon somehow provides all the joys I imagine one gets from the real shooters without the stress or the gravely narrators talking about alien invasion. My first weekend with Splatoon is a blur of vivid colored paint, fashionable clothes, and squid memes. I just couldn’t stop playing.

Recently I’ve been on a quest to find the gun that’s right for me. One that can cover a lot of territory but is still reliable in a firefight. And call me a hipster, but I also like to use weapons I don’t see other players rocking all that often. What can I say, I like to feel like a unique snowflake.

tent splatAh, my first love: the Tentatek Splattershot. Splattershots in general are very well balanced in terms of rate of fire, paint consumption, and accuracy. I prefer this version to the standard model since its Special Weapon–the Inkzooka–is super effective at clearing paths or wrecking child-shaped squids. Got a lot of mileage out of this gun.

blasterWhen I see someone with a Blaster, I worry about 2 things:

  1. Guy Fieri somehow got a hold of a Wii U and is hunting me down like in that nightmare I keep having
  2. I’m gonna get destroyed because, in the right hands, this thing is frightening.

The Blaster has a very low rate of fire, but it packs a paint-filled punch with each massive paint projectile. The bullets burst in mid-air, leaving plenty of room for error in aiming. This gun is better for holding the line against would-be Picass0s (I’m lookin’ at you, rollers) than it is for covering territory. 52 deco galThe .52 Gal Deco is a uniquely decorated variant of the .52 Gal. Not only is it bejeweled to be fresh as fuck, it also has one of the most fun loadouts for a gun you’ll find early on (Level 11). Its Sub Weapon, the Seeker, is a remote controlled car combined with a proximity mine that leaves a trail of paint in its wake. These things are tons of fun and splatting your enemies with them makes you feel like a suave secret agent. Its Special Weapon is a missile that blasts a huge area, great for keeping your team’s color on the map.

96 GalFinally, my current sidearm: the .96 Gal. This baby really burns through paint, but it can cover wide swathes of the map quickly or splat foes in relatively few shots from a great distance. Its Sub Weapons are throw-able sprinklers that lay down a radius of your team’s paint color. These are great for playing defensively or getting sneaky by using them as distractions. The Special Weapon, the Echolocator, will show you what directions your enemies are. I use this ability to sneak into empty areas to lay down a coating of paint and rack up some major points.

Fun fact: did you know that when you activate your Special Weapon your paint tank is instantly refilled? This is huge on weapons like the .96 Gal where you will quickly extinguish your supply!

The character that Sarah and I are sharing is level 15, so there are still more weapons to try out between leveling up, clearing the story, and future updates from Nintendo. I look forward to trying them on for size and seeing how they compare to my favorites as the community becomes more and more skilled. Hope I can keep up!

2 Responses to Here are 4 of My Favorite Guns in Splatoon

  1. Finchiekins says:

    Heh heh, you use the weapons i like to use! I’m not terribly good at them, but between the blaster and .52 Gal Deco i like to think i do okay!

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