Hero 30: Talk-Variety Part 3

This is most likely the last in the series of Hero 30 inspired commercials by Marvelous Entertainment.  Honestly I am going to miss them…  Enjoy!


[flash http://media.mmv.co.jp/game/psp/30/cm_04.flv w=480 h=270]

Host: Now we he have our guest, the Knight.
Knight: It’s a pleasure.
Host: So you have to protect the Sage for 30 seconds?
Knight: Yes well I…
Knight: …the monsters…
Knight: …with traps…
Knight: …traps you see…
Knight: …and the Sa…
Knight: …the Sage…

In case that was too muddled for you, I will try to explain. Knight 30 has 30 seconds to protect the Sage/Wiseman/Mage (whatever you prefer) from being killed while he casts a powerful magic spell.  This spell is capable of wiping out all monsters threatening the forces of good.

Knight 30

(Square)Trap, (X) Dash, and (Circle) Carry

Protecting him basically includes avoiding monsters by carrying the Sage around, and setting a variety of traps for enemies.  The traps that I have seen include:

  • Straw Dummy (which attracts enemy attacks)
  • Walls
  • Meat
  • Bombs
  • Caltops

Knight 30 is the last of the four different modes in the game.  Hero 30 will be released in about a month in Japan.  I eagerly anticipate the game being brought to the states by some wise company…  I cannot emphasize wise enough.

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