How To Breed an Awesome Magikarp in Pokémon Black and White

Last night I beat Pokémon White — expect a review in the near future!  Upon doing so I acquired the national pokédex, meaning I can now find some old friends from past generations. The first one I stumbled upon was sold to me for 500 pokédollars by a shady dude on Marvelous Bridge.  That’s right: Magikarp.  For every generation, I have raised one of these dudes up and unleashed holy dragon rage hell on all who crossed my path — or splashed in their direction, depending on how far I was in the game.

Anyway, I got to thinking how I could breed an awesome Magikarp and I think I have figured it out:

  1. Beat the game and acquire the national pokédex.
  2. Head to Marvelous Bridge and save before you purchase your Magikarp.  Now, purchase one and reset the game until you get a female that has an Adamant nature.  This could take a while — I believe I had to restart about 20 times before I got lucky!  Once you do get one: save!
  3. Now we need a Papa for our awesome Magikarp — a fish who has been around the block.  One that kicks ass and takes names.  To do this, make sure you first have a Minccino in your party.  Now, head over to Driftveil City and find Kyle, who just so happens to be looking for a Minccino and wants to trade a Basculin for one.  Now you may not know this, but Kyle is a fucking idiot, because he is sitting on an awesome Basculin.  Not only is it also adamant, but it has perfect IVs for attack.  I mean a perfect 31.  Once you complete the trade, save again.
  4. Now head to Nimbasa City and go to the Battle Subway.  If you haven’t already, fight some trainers until you earn 16 BP.  Speak to one of the attendants and exchange your points for a Power Bracer.
  5. Now we need an Everstone.  The best way to get one of these is to capture wild Roggenrola or Boldore, as there is a 50% chance that they will be holding one.
  6. Give the Everstone to your Mama Magikarp and the Power Bracer to your Papa Basculin.
  7. Head to the day care on Route 3, hand both pokémon and a cassette of Barry White’s Greatest Hits to the daycare lady.  Ride your bike up and down Route 3 and try not to think of the epic, adamant fish sex that is happening.
  8. Eventually the day care man will call you over and present you with an egg.  Odds are pretty good that the spawn within will have an Adamant nature (it will definitely have 31 attack IVs) meaning with proper EV training, you could end up with a level 100 Gyarados with 383 attack — the absolute ceiling for this stat.  If your fish baby doesn’t have an Adamant nature, just make a new egg until you get one which does.

I plan on making my own godly carp now that I have plotted all this out, so if you are too lazy to do all this, I may be willing to just trade babies to people.  If you are interested in trading, follow me on Twitter and I will announce when the babies are ready to go to good homes.  Otherwise, make your own and experience the joys of pokémon breeding.  Soon we will overturn some boats and shit with dragon rage, just as long as they only have 40 HP.

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20 Responses to How To Breed an Awesome Magikarp in Pokémon Black and White

  1. bulbasaur says:

    This is really awesome, and actually could come in handy when breeding competitive pokemon. I've looked everywhere for more information on this, but I think you're one of the first to discover it. I've heard rumors that the cottonee/petilil trade gets you a perfect Sp. Atk IV. In addition to the Basculin, there's also an emolga, rotom and munchlax available via in game trade. It may be too much to hope for, but if each of these pokemon also has a unique perfect IV, a skilled chain-breeder could create a whole legion of perfect monstrosities…

  2. Jfan says:

    Your plan sounds nice but are you okay with the Intimidate ability? If so, proceed. However, he will get the ability Moxie in the currently unreleased Dream World that ups his attack everytime he knocks out an opponent. Of course, Intimidate works quite well for his lower defense stat. I'm sure you're probably aware of all this as you seem very experienced. Are you still using your original female fire starter or are you IV breeding her? If so, I wouldn't mind one of those…

    • kotowari says:

      It's true that moxie may be better than intimidate, but there isn't much I can about that at this point aside from nabbing a Adamant Japanese karp. I may re-breed when the Global Link goes up.

  3. @bandergrove says:

    FINALLY got an Adamant female Magikarp after an HOUR of trying… the changes are 1/2 to get female and 1/25 to get Adamant… so 1/50. But it probably took me 120 tries!!

    I was just about to settle for one of the other Attack boosting natures (Brave, Naughty, Lonely)…

    Anyway, the breeding part should be a piece of cake. Thanks for this guide!!

  4. @bandergrove says:

    I lucked out — the Adamant Magikarp I bought also had a 31 IV for Speed!

    So I was able to breed a "relatively superior" Adamant Magikarp with maxed out Attack AND Speed IVs. Not bad!

    I have a half a box of Magikarps with 31 Attack, and about 60% of them are Adamant, if anybody wants one…

    Thanks again — great guide.

  5. @Shaltiar says:

    I used Kyles 31 IV Attack Basculin wearing a power brace and set him up with my qwilfish thinking "No one expects Qwilfish" I'll let you know how it works out. Kid on bridge still won't give me an adamant carp so I kicked him. Hopefully my Qwilfish will become beastly cause I'm winless online with battles. Those Japanese 13 yr olds keep kicking my butt.

  6. Lion says:

    I got the female adamant Magikarp literally on my first try, and it had 31 IV's in both Defense and Speed. Great success!

  7. guust says:

    I have an alternate method of doing this which might save time on waiting for a female adamant magikarp:

    1) Get any female magikarp
    2) Give Basculin power bracer and breed with female magikarp
    3) Wait 'til a female magikarp (with a 31 IV in Atk) hatches
    4) Attack everstone to Basculin and power bracer to Magikarp
    5) Voila, you should have an adamant Magikarp w/ 31 IVs in attack without having to wait for a female/adamant magikarp (the chances of which are quite low).

  8. shahmatist666 says:

    Thank you sooo much for this method – in the first five eggs hatched 4 adamant magikarps, 2 male and 2 female:)

  9. Paul says:

    I never knew about this until now…..playing pokemon white 1. I have a male gyarados with Rash nature…is there a way to breed it to make more magikarps?

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