I’ve Joined The Wake-Up Club

All my friends know I’m not an early riser.  If they want to talk to me on the weekends, they don’t call or text until around noon.  I’ve had this reputation since high school.  What can I say, I love sleeping, blankets, and beds — they’re some of the best things on Earth.  So when I heard that Wake-Up Club was coming to the Vita, I was intrigued.

Here’s how it works:

You set an alarm and slap your Vita next to your bed.  Don’t worry, you can turn it off (it still works somehow).  Once it’s time to get up, you’ll be entered into a mini-game with about 10-20 other people.  Just like you, these individuals are fighting that desire to remain enveloped in a world of blanket ecstasy.  Next, your alarm will go off.  That means it’s time to grab your Vita, locate your PSN Icon and tap it like… um, a keg… at a college party.

Tapping your icon shows that you’ve indeed arisen from slumberland.  Those other Wake-Up Club members will be doing the same thing at the same time.  That is unless they’re sleepyheads, in which case their icons will remain on the screen.  You can tap their PSN icons to “cheer them on” — gotta be honest, I have no idea what this actually does, but… it feels rewarding nonetheless!  Your stats are all recorded and neatly displayed. There is even trophy support if you’re into that kinda thing.

If you want to cook something or take a nap, there is also a regular timer feature.  Oh, and get this… There’s a button on the timer interface just for instant noodles:

My only complaint is that the English version doesn’t have the Dokodemo Issho skins that were released in Japan!  What gives?  Minor complaints aside, I can honestly say that Wake-Up Club has an interface that is very easy to navigate and understand and has made getting up a more pleasant experience. I guess the combination of social pressure combined with a video game is the perfect formula to get me out of bed!  Wake-Up Club is free, so if you have a Vita and are a lazy bum like me, download it today.

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