Monster Hunter Everywhere!

Yours truly was recently interviewed for an article all about Monster Hunter and its acceptance (or lack thereof) in the West. I’ve included scans below, and I encourage you to read it all — not just my genius insight and poetic prose:

I have to say it’s a very impressive writeup.  Even if you know nothing about the game, this article will get you up to speed.

The publication (which is exclusive to Australia) is called Hyper Magazine, and they’ve apparently been printing for 17 years — wow!  If you happen to be a gamer who lives down under definitely check them out.

The author, James Cottee, was a super nice guy.  It’s clear he knows a thing or two about the series, but his ability to make sense of it all for outsiders is admirable.

In other Monster Hunter news I finally got my hands on some copies of the game, perhaps too many copies:

Hey, I do have a podcast to operate here.

Leading up to the release I helped a number of reviewers become more comfortable with the game via Twitter.  It was a good feeling to help the cause, but I’m glad to finally be playing myself.

Meet my character:

Her name is Arina, and thus far she’s been quite lucky with carves, charms, and drops.  I even managed to carve an extremely rare drop from an early repel quest.  Repel quests are unique in that you don’t get to finish off the target monster, just get its HP below a certain point.  With that in mind I made sure to sever the beast’s tail — which gives at least one reward item.  When I carved it, I got the rarest drop possible:


So yeah, I’ve been enjoying the game — even more so now that the data transfer utility has become available.  If you hadn’t heard, this was a feature that was promised to be available at the game’s release.  It allowed save data to be transferred between the Wii U version of the game and the 3DS version.

To the chagrin of many consumers who purchased both versions of the game at launch, this application wasn’t available until last night.  A few friends of mine who started their game on the 3DS were  unable to party with my hunting crew as their data was stuck on the handheld system — bummer!

Anyway, the universal order has been restored, and I’ve officially hunted on both versions.  The 3DS version makes much better use of the second screen, which is nearly useless in the case of the Wii U. NPC dialog is infinitely easier to read as it’s nearly microscopic on the Wii U.  I’ve even adapted to the 3DS’s joystick situation, which I thought would be more of an obstacle.

The game’s online interface, on the other hand, is as awkward as you’d expect from a Japanese developer.  For instance, you need to go a few levels down before the option to warp to a friend appears.  (Of course, right?)  Otherwise the online gathering hall is entirely new and thus visually refreshing given the environments haven’t really changed at all since Monster Hunter Tri. That being said, they look amazing in HD.

As for my Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide… it is in high demand.  It’s been mentioned in Phillip Kollar’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review on Polygon as well as Giant Bomb’s quick look of the game.  To celebrate the latter we’ve gone ahead and created a promotional campaign where the coupon code GIANTBOMB will earn 20% off any order. Pretty sweet, eh?

So yes, my life is all about Monster Hunter at the moment, and I am OK with that.  If you’d like to ever join me for a hunt, feel free to friend me on the Wii U, my username is kotowari.  Welp, back to hunting!

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