My Guides Are Out! + News Catch-up.

Today, I can finally breathe a small sigh of relief.  Not a big one mind you, but at least a partial relief-based sigh.  Why?  My two new guides are officially on sale!  There’s still a lot to do, but the hardest part is definitely behind me.

I’ve missed writing on the blog.  The past few weeks I’ve seen news pop up that I wanted to think about, talk about, write about.  But I had to stay focused.  Now I can get as distracted as I want!  So the rest of this post will basically be my two cents on some news from the past weeks (months?) along with my thoughts.

Vita TV

I recently let a friend of a friend borrow my Vita.  Why?  I haven’t touched it since Persona 4 Golden.  And when I say touch, I mean do anything besides:

  1. Realize the battery is dead.
  2. Dig up the charging cable/charge it.
  3. Update the firmware.
  4. Let it sit around until the battery dies.
  5. Repeat.

The individual I loaned it to is a PC gamer who wanted to play some Playstation Classics and Persona titles — two luxuries not easily afforded to those without some of the members of the Playstation family.  For this reason, a relatively inexpensive (~$100-150 USD) device like this is great.

On the one hand, I like it because ever since the Vita was released I desperately wished it had some from of video-output for recording purposes.  I suppose I’m a weird case since I do some recording/streaming now and then…

But it’s also great for people who might not want to fully invest themselves in the world of console gaming.  For around $100 bucks, being able to play a number of classics and/or Vita titles is a very reasonable bar of entry.  According to my research, one could potentially not even own any other Playstation product and still purchase their games from the Sony Entertainment Network Store and synch their account with their Vita TV.  I’m not totally sure on this since initial details are vague, but it just makes sense given the obvious emulation of Apple TV.

More Vita TVs owners could mean better software sales and thus greater interest in developing Vita software.  I think this is a very wise move on Sony’s part and I’m eagerly anticipating a Western release, which I feel is strong possibility:


Kojima Loves Butts

I love Hideo Kojima.  I go through phases of my life where all I can think about and play are Metal Gear Solid titles.  Once you’ve had that kind of substance and style, most other games just fall short.  Recently Kojima explained on Twitter his desire to make his characters (presumably female ones) “more erotic”.  Why?  To encourage cosplay and figure sales, of course.  He posted a teaser image of a character named Quiet who will be appearing in Metal Gear Solid V to give cosplayers something to think about:

Naturally, there was some backlash.  I guess that’s to be expected when someone considered to be marginally progressive in a particular field posts a picture of a butt on Twitter.

Kojima explained that this particular character (who is also mute) has a background that explains their appearance, and will make those questioning his motives ashamed.

I want to believe you, Kojima.  I really do.  But this whole idea of attractive women soldiers with terribly sad backstories… it’s kinda been done.


Yeah, that was essentially the basis of the enemies (Beauty and the Beast Unit) in Metal Gear Solid 4: attractive women soldiers with PTSD.  The only difference?  The next generation has even less going on in the clothing department, though the posterior still seems to be the focus.  Kojima, please lead by example, and not convenient imitation.

I’m obviously assuming a lot here, but it’s mostly out of concern.

Mighty No. 9

I have a confession.  Are you ready?  Here goes: I’ve never played a MegaMan game in my life.

That said, I’m quite aware of the following the little blue dude has gathered over the years, and the abuse they’ve both endured.  It’s been commonplace for the Big Publishers/Developers to make it clear to their consumers that the bottom-line is what guides their artistic hand.  And so the popular mindset has been to support everything and pray your favorites get another chance (kind of like they’re being held hostage???).

The introduction of crowdfunding has caused a shift of power in favor of the fans and artists.  The artists can show what they want to make, and the fans can literally vote with their money to make it happen.  Sure, once a project is funded it’s not always a guarantee, but a future where this is a more accepted/polished norm is one that has my enthusiastic approval.

Looking at the Kickstarter page for Mighty No. 9 makes me believe that this kind of future is a very real possibility.  There is some amazing talent behind the game, and seeing all the love surrounding it is inspiring.


That’s all the news I can handle for today.  Look forward to a more regular blogging schedule from yours truly, and please check out my newest guides!

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