NIS Announces Prinny 2

NIS is really showing their PSP love lately…  As if Disgaea Infinite wasn’t enough now they have gone and announced that they have started work on Prinny 2.  The tentative title (????2?????????????????!!?) translates roughly to “Prinny 2: Suicide Attack Game! Is it Dawn??? Epic War Dood!!”.  Yea, I know it doesn’t make any sense, but again it is a tentative title and it is a rough translation.

Right now there are no details about the game other than the above logo that has been released to Gpara.  However, an update has been made to the main site of the first Prinny game which can be found here.  The update states that in 1,000 hours the site will re-open, presumably with information regarding the sequel.

The countdown should end right around Christmas.  What a great present from NIS!

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