OMG Toys: Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles 1/6 PVC Figure

Enter Brain’s ginormous Selvaria figure is as detailed as it is well-endowed. She is equipped with the artefactual lance and shield of her Valkyrian ancestors. The removable lance is supported with a clear pole base, but the shield appears fixed. The right leg and head are poseable to offer some variety in poses.  A set of more detailed images highlighting the figure’s features are available on Amiami here.

Kid Nemo is currently offering pre-orders for the figure for $182.99 — ouch.  Still, their price is pretty close to the 16,800 yen pricetag in Japan.

Of all the Selvaria figures to date, this one is without a doubt the best.  The one mentioned in a previous OMG Toys post had a vacant looking face and the attempt to capture her hair’s translucence failed pretty miserably.  If you are a big fan of Selvaria and also have deep pockets this may be a match made in heaven… or valhalla or something.

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4 Responses to OMG Toys: Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles 1/6 PVC Figure

  1. Gunthera1 says:

    OK. $180 is officially out of my price range. That is more than a Nintendo DS. 0_o Although, the figure does look pretty awesome.

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