Link’s Outset Shirt QR Code


This morning’s Nintendo Direct didn’t contain much news that interested me, but it did have an Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code for Link’s Outset shirt from Wind Waker.  It was a pain trying to pause the video at the correct times in order to scan all four codes, so I figured I would put them up on my site to help anyone else trying to nab the shirt ASAP.

I remember loving this outfit — dubbed “pajamas” — in the original Wink Waker.  In Second Quest (basically New Game+) you could play through the entire game in this outfit!  While I love the standard green tunic, change can be nice.

The only other worthwhile bit of information I picked up on in today’s ND was that Bravely Default will feature dual audio tracks!  I’m quickly becoming more and more excited for this game:

Square Enix and Nintendo aren’t the most consistent when it comes to offering both Japanese and English audio, so I find this to be a huge relief.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must put pajamas on in both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and in real life.

Friday Link Roundup 9/23-9/27


Every Friday I make a post containing links to interesting articles I have found throughout the week. If you already follow me on Twitter, then you will have probably seen most of the following links. Don’t forget to like the Kotowari Facebook page as well. Enjoy!




An English version of the Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes trailer gives us a first earful of Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. Not a fan.

Bravery Default intro trailer.  I didn’t know this game had a world map AND an airship!  Do want.

Fascinating video about the creation of a set of armor from Dark Souls II.

You know that Akira song in the first 10 minutes? You know the one. Watch it performed live.

The Gauntlet in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Today I had a good, hearty Tidus-laugh over something only Animal Crossing fans may appreciate, though I’ll try to explain it so anyone can.

You see, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf your town can be the home of up to ten random animal residents.  When one leaves, another (of which there are over 100) will eventually take their place.

I’m of the mindset that every resident should be treated with respect because, just like in real life, you don’t really have control over the people around you.  And yet, abusing unwanted residents (hitting them with a bug net/capturing them in a pitfall trap) is the only real way to force them to leave… While I don’t condone this behavior, I can’t help finding it hilarious.  Maybe it’s because the animals are so oblivious?  I’m not sure…

Redditor user enkur has come up with an especially… elaborate means of inflicting abuse on an unwanted resident.  Here’s the Imgur source, which I am unfortunately unable to embed into my site.

Here’s the story about poor, poor Graham the smug hamster:

Two things to note on what you’re about to see:

  1. X-marks on the ground hide (in this case) pitfall traps, which trap a character in the dirt from the waist up when they step on it.  The captured critter (or human) can only free themselves after no small amount of struggling.  Do this to any resident enough times and they’re sure to feel bad about themselves and leave town.
  2. Digging holes in the ground creates impassable barriers to animals.  These can be used to trap NPCs for hilarity’s sake or to just keep them still.
  3. I lied: one final, yet optional, note — read the captions in a Bond villain voice for added enjoyment.

No matter how many times I read through that, I can’t help but laugh at poor Graham’s misfortune. I hope those of you not savvy to the world of Animal Crossing were still able to appreciate this prime example of digital schadenfreude.

Lightning’s Identity Confusion in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The substance we’ve come to expect from the Final Fantasy series is something that may or may not be present in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  There’s just no guarantee that the game will effectively wrap up the convoluted story that most of us just don’t give a damn about after two lackluster games.

What Square Enix CAN guarantee is an AMPLE wardrobe for the game’s titular protagonist, Lightning.  Here’s the whole damn lot of outfits you can look forward to collecting.  Some of these getups even cause Lightning to assume a sexy victory pose.  WOW!  If that doesn’t convince those fat-cats at Famitsu that this game deserves a solid 40/40 NOTHING will.

Just recently it was revealed that you can dress Lightning up like Final Fantasy VII‘s very own flower girl, Aerith Gainsborough.  Does the outfit cost 1 gil??  JKJK.  In total, Lighting can dress up like characters from FIVE different Final Fantasy titles.

But why stop there?  Some Japanese gaming enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to show that with a bit of photoshopping, you can put Lightning in any outfit you want!  Neato!


Paine’s outfit looks good, though probably not sexy enough????  This kind of character design was before Tetsuya Nomura found his inner diva…

Ah, Final Fantasy VI‘s own Terra Branford (or Tina if you swing that way).  I like it, but some improvements will need to be made in the bust department.  The current generation of gamers just don’t respond to anything below a C-cup… I mean is that even a girl or a boy? LOL

Next up, for you fans of junk in the trunk, we have Ashe’s totally battle-ready mini-skirt.  Excellent!  But how long will we have to wait to know what color her panties are???  I sure hope you can change them using the game’s elaborate color swapping system

Last, but certainly not least, why not have Lightning dress up as a THIRD character from Final Fantasy VII? Who better than Sephiroth!  Again, the chest will need to be brought up to today’s standards before I can sign off on this outfit.

One thing is for sure, the more outfits I see Lightning in, the more established she becomes as an individual, substantive character with her very own game.  Some naysayers have countered that these outfits are a feeble attempt to inject nostalgia into the dying husk of the worst published Final Fantasy universe to date.  If you ask me, these people just need some shopping therapy!

PSA: Earn Your $30 Nintendo eShop Credit Before It’s Too Late!

If you purchased both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV for your 3DS, then you are a gamer of impeccable tastes.  You’re also entitled to a $30 credit for the Nintendo eShop!

I wrote about this deal while back, having taken advantage of it myself.  The credit never appeared, and I kinda assumed I did something wrong — Nintendo has never been the best at delivering clarity when it comes to account management/online functionality.

Yesterday I received an e-mail informing me that I had until September 30th to claim said credit:  

Whoa, I had no idea I had to close the deal!  After a few simple steps I was given a code redeemable at the eShop which instantly added $30 to my wallet.

If you’ve been waiting on this credit as well, get proactive and claim it before it’s too late!

If you bought both games but never got around to creating a Club Nintendo account then get on that ASAP.  You’ll also want to link the account to your 3DS (and Wii U if you own one).  Then it’s simply a matter of registering both games and claiming your credit.

Now that I’ve got all this digital cash, the obvious question is: what to spend it on?  Currently I have my eye on both The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Pokémon X/Y…  What are you going to do with your free money?