Persona Coming to PSP For Real

I made a post eons ago about the rumors that Atlus would be bringing Revelations: Persona to PSP.  After several months, this has finally been confirmed with some scans found in this week’s Famitsu.  According to the scans, the game will be released in Japan on April 29th and feature several minor tweaks.

Most notable of the updates is a number of cut-scenes being added to the game.  The studio working on the cut-scenes is Kamikaze Douga, the same one that worked on Fragile and the Final Fantasy Tactics PSP port.  They do some fine work indeed.  The game is also having its soundtrack redone by Shoji Meguro and is bundled with the game.

If this version of Persona is brought to the West, it will truly be a day for celebration.  We will all finally be able to move past the PS localization which was just…just godawful.  I don’t see why Atlus wouldn’t bring the game over, so I will commence celebrating now.

You can find the new screens here.  Please note the lack of unnecessary hair dying and black-facing.

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One Response to Persona Coming to PSP For Real

  1. Kabling says:

    This is great news. With persona being as popular as it is, no doubt Atlus would bring it over.

    The US Persona was painful for me to play, I mean I don’t mind if they were to just change some words or names so westerners wouldn’t feel lost or alienated, but changing the games graphics was a bit much.

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