Shin Megami Tensei IV: Training Quest Walkthroughs

Shin Megami Tensei IV introduces a type of optional Challenge Quest that fixes every variable: player level, enemy level, summonable demons — you name it.  These Training Quests are a true test of the player’s skill and ability to foresee how the enemy will react.

Clearing them makes you wanna high five Sun Tzu, but being stumped can be incredibly frustrating.  Last night I got stuck on Training Quest 6 for hours.  I finally broke down and searched on YouTube for videos of Japanese players solving these intricate chess-like puzzles.  Sure enough, I found a user who uploaded every one.

I encourage everyone to attempt to solve these puzzles yourself, but if you give up here are the solutions:

VR Training Battle 1

VR Training Battle 2

VR Training Battle 3

VR Training Battle 4

VR Training Battle 5

VR Training Battle 6

VR Training Battle 7

VR Training Battle 8

VR Training Battle 9

VR Training Battle 10

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