Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Follow-up Part 2: Mayonaka TV

In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, Tartarus was where the player went to do battle with shadows and move closer to finding the truth of the game. Persona 4 has a similar dungeon themed system. It comes in the form of an urban legend called “Mayonaka TV“, or “middle of the night TV.”

Mayanaka TV In this screenshot, Chie asks the protagonist if he has heard of “Mayonaka TV”, and later explains how it works. Basically:
…at midnight on a rainy day when you look at a blank TV by yourself…you will see a different face reflected back at you.
That person is your “partner in destiny”.
To those who played Persona 2: Eternal Punishment this should ring some bells.
Mayonaka 2 In Persona 2 there was also an urban legend that said if a person called their own cell phone, an evil entity known as “The Joker” would come after them, eventually killing them. As the video later shows, when the protagonist tries Mayonaka TV for himself, a series of strange events occur.
Mayonaka 3 The screen flashes images which appear to be related to the bizarre murders occurring in the small town of Inabashi. When the main character touches the screen, he and his friends (who tried Mayonaka the same night) Chie and Yousuke are transported to a mysterious barren wasteland.
Mysterious Room This wasteland is where the player will crawl through the games various dungeons, ultimately unraveling the many mysteries of the game. This screenshot for instance shows a room, with many posters on the wall, all of which have had the faces torn off… what could it mean?

Through Mayonaka TV, the main team can battle shadows every night and crawl through dungeons. I still don’t know if a hub area exists where the player can choose to create persona, equip the other characters, and choose which floor to go to. In Persona 3, this was the bottom floor of Tartarus. As always, I will post more info as it becomes available.

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