Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Follow-up Part 3: Allies

Atlus has been careful to keep the team members you get in Persona 4 tightly under wraps. So far we have a decent amount of information about the following characters:

Main Name: Protagonist
Glasses: Black
Persona: Izanagi
Persona Element: Electric
Persona Arcana: Unknown
Story: Staying with family in Inabashi while parents are away on business. The story begins with him arriving at his uncles house.
Chie Name: Satonaka Chie
Weapon: Greaves, or heavy leg armor
Glasses: Yellow
Persona: Tomoe
Persona Element: Only Physical Attacks seen so far, possibly pierce type
Persona Arcana: Chariot (confirmed)
Story: Chie is very popular at Yasogami high school, with both boys and girls. She is always energetic and talkative. She loves Kung-Fu movies, and attacks shadows by kicking.
Yousuke Name: Hanamura Yousuke
Weapon: Dual daggers
Glasses: Orange
Persona: Jirae
Persona Element: Wind
Persona Arcana: Magician (confirmed)
Story: Yousuke, like the protagonist, used to live in the suburbs. His family moved to Inabashi, where his father became head of the local grocery store. Yousuke has a fun and outgoing personality, but he doesn’t feel like he has anyone to talk to at school.

There are three more confirmed allies, but very little information is available on them:

Yukiko’s Persona
Name: Amagi Yukiko (????)
Weapon: Fan
Glasses: Wire rim
Persona: Konohanasakuya-hime
Persona Element: Fire
Persona Arcana: Possibly Empress
Story: She appears to be friends with Chie, and goes to the same school as the main character. Other then that nothing is known at this time.
??? Name: ???
Weapon: Handgun
Glasses: Blue
Persona: Possibly Oberon
Persona Element: Fire
Persona Arcana: Possibly Emperor
Story: Unknown
Shadow Kanji
Name: Kanji (??), last name unknown
Weapon: He appears to wield a folding chair in the video. He holds it with both hands leading me to believe his weapon may be a hammer. He is also seen punching in one part.

Glasses: sunglasses
Persona: Possibly Take-Mikazuchi
Persona Element: Electric
Persona Arcana: Possibly Emperor
Story: Unknown

Fuuka and Kuma
Shadow Kuma
Name: Kuma (Bear)
Weapon: Unknown
Glasses: N/A
Persona: Unknown
Persona Element: Unknown
Persona Arcana: Possibly Hanged Man
Story: Unknown, but he seems to have existed within the “TV World” since before our heroes arrived there. There are some screen shots which suggest he has taken Fuuka’s spot as the party’s assistant.

That is all I could dig up on the main cast for now, as always I will post more as it becomes available.

Credits: MegaTen Wiki, Japanese MegaTen Wiki

*UPDATE*4/25/08 Info on Kuma revealed

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2 Responses to Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Follow-up Part 3: Allies

  1. Lazy says:

    Great info here, you are really going all out on sharing about P4, it’s really appreciated by me and all the Megaten fans.
    I’m gonna read all this again soon, just gotta clear Lost Odyssey now, which is a pretty good actually.

  2. Roy says:

    Thanks for the kind words again Lazy. I plan on keeping the info coming, but it’s nice to get some encouragement. Good luck on Lost Odyssey, it looks interesting but I don’t own a 360…

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