Soul Sacrifice Screens & Details Emerge

The first concrete details concerning Sony’s Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice, surfaced today via Famitsu.  Until now we’ve had vague trailers and concept art showing scarred (yet stylishly clad) humans doing battle with some enormous, frightening abominations.  Now, we have screenshots of the same thing!

To view the rest, definitely check out the full Famitsu article here.

Here are some things to note about the game:

  • You can customize your main character.  There is said to be a lot of options for your appearance.  At a glance, we can see a few and confirm that both male and female avatars are available.
  • As for the story, you assume the role of a magician’s slave who was to be sacrificed.  At the moment before execution, a mysterious book called the Golam Book appears and you… ride it to freedom I suppose.
  • Via this book, you go on quests where it’s possible to co-op in teams of up to 4 player2s.
  • Using the Golam book you can increase your magic abilities by offering magical items (presumably drops).
  • Finally, the game’s producer was revealed to be Keiji Inafune.  You may recall him as the ex-Capcom brass who, after years of lashing out against the Japanese gaming industry, is putting his money where his mouth is.  For his sake, (and all Vita owners) I hope this one’s a hit.

Now that the pesky, albeit exciting details are out of the way, I have to point out a discovery I made not long ago concerning how certain sites chose to talk about Soul Sacrifice.  Since the word “soul” appears in the title, a number of sites came to the conclusion that Soul Sacrifice was in the same universe as Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls.  Personally, based on the earliest character designs, I found this hard to swallow.  But I took the highroad and waited until there was enough information about the game before writing a thing.  IGN specifically took… well, the other road.

Take a look at this, and no — NOT the delicious new signature sides from Wendy’s:

As you can see, IGN didn’t waste time waiting for pesky details, more concrete than a vague teaser trailer.  Nope, they just attached a heavily searched game title to a relatively unknown one.  Jeez guys, at least slap a question mark at the end like everyone else!

Back to Soul Sacrifice; it gives me a distinct Monster Hunter vibe.  Maybe Monster Hunter‘s system meets Baroque’s world, with outfits from Digital Devil Saga?  I am excited to see more from this mysterious and hopefully innovative title.  Now to go pick up some Wendy’s and play Dark Souls.

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