TGS 2012: Trailers. Trailers Everywhere.

Tokyo Game Show has officially begun and news is pouring out of Japan.  Here is a collection of several exciting trailers that have caught my attention.  If you have some free time, grab a delicious beverage and give them a watch!

Nearly 8 minutes of Soul Sacrifice multiplayer!  Looks pretty intense although the screen is a bit busy for my tastes.

Absolutely epic Metal Gear Rising: Revengence trailer.  We get a glimpse of the game’s creative bosses as well as rumblings of what the story is all about.  Glad to see the game isn’t all slashing up peons!  The bosses actually look like a decent challenge.  I also have to be honest, I think I love the little three-armed droids.

Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops trailer.  Oh, a card based battle system in a smart phone game? *yawn* Excuse me.

New Monster Hunter 4 trailer!  We get a look at the new weapon, new monsters, as well as the jump attacks for all the existing 12 weapons.  I still hate the washed out colors though…  It’s also been announced that the game WILL have online multiplayer!  Here’s a look at some additional gameplay from the show floor and here is a twenty minute long video explaining the new features of the game.

New DmC trailer is insane.  I like the colors but I’ve never played a Devil May Cry and I’m not starting now.

New God Eater 2 trailer shows way more gameplay involving comically large weapons and how you can literally eat a god.

Final Fantasy XIV “A New Adventure” trailer.  Looks awfully familiar but I guess this is a new trailer?

Phantasy Star Online 2 PV.  I want to make my own character, give them a big sword, and hang out in a room with my friends all day.

PSP pricedrop Trailer is extremely Japanese.

One Response to TGS 2012: Trailers. Trailers Everywhere.

  1. hedges1001 says:

    i really am looking forward to the god(s) eater game since i absolutely love the first one it was essentially monster hunter with a storyline

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