Valkyria Chronicles 2: Pre-Order Bonus To Include Selveria Bless

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Even if you haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles, odds are you still recognize the game’s iconic platinum-haired valkyrie, Selveria Bless.  She is arguable one of the most popular characters to bless (no pun intended) the current generation of games.  In Japan, a pre-order bonus has been announced for the second game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 2, due out January 21st.  Among the contents included in the bonus, dubbed Document of Gallia 1936, is secret information on how to get Selveria to join the ranks of your troops.

I am not sure if this is a password, or just a series of steps required to recruit her.  Either way, this is surely a valuable bonus for fans of the series.  Other contents included in the pre-order bonus are:

  • Valkyria Chronices 1936:  Memories from the Front: A journal containing Princess Cordilia’s insight into the events of the previous game.  This is mainly included for those who did not play the first game.  You may note that the year of 1936 is right between the events of the first and second games.
  • Guest Character Recruiting Document: A detailed explanation of how to acquire Selveria Bless as an ally.  She appears in her standard infantry form rather than valkyria form, since that would just be ridiculous.
  • Gallian Journal 1936: A collection of excerpts from the Gallian Journal written by Irene.
  • Limited Soundtrack: A soundtrack from the game featuring scores by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Here is a picture of the Document of Gallia 1936 pre-order bonus revealed a recent press conference by the game’s creators:

It is a little strange seeing Selveria in Gallarian soldier attire isn’t it?  I kind of wish that she just had her black sniper outfit on, but I guess this is better than nothing!

While I am not sure how, I am positive this same content will be available to us in the West, it just may not be dressed up in such a pretty package.

3 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles 2: Pre-Order Bonus To Include Selveria Bless

  1. kjdawson80 says:

    Ok, I officially want this now times Infinity. I mean, I wanted it before, but now…

    Selveria as part of the Gallian army? DO WANT.

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