Valkyria Chronicles 2: Welkin and Alicia Cameo Accounced

“Time to make the donuts”


I feel like I have been writing about Valkyria Chronicles 2 a lot lately.  If it bothers you, I swear I will stop as soon as they stop announcing awesome shit.  Sega has announced that Alicia and Welkin will be appearing in the game both as a cameo and as playable units.  The above screens show the protagonist and his friends at Alicia’s bakery as well as some scenes from the two in battle.

I just realized they are depicted in the original Valkyria Chronicles graphics during their Potential…  I had assumed the cheapy anime look was used for issues concerning UMD size constraints.  This proves that they could have kept the graphics but decided for whatever reason to dumb them down, argh!

Anyway, getting back to Alicia and Welkin.  It turns out they work at a shop on campus at Lanseal Royal Military Academy which is where they meet Avan and the gang.  I am not sure how they are recruited but they seem to have  an especially powerful combination attack in battle.

On the off chance that you also watch the Valkyria Chronicles anime and/or read the manga you may be happy to learn a few characters from both will also be recruitable.  Here is the list and some screens:

  • Alicia (TV): She appears in her “TV version” depicted in Anime style.  I am assuming her skills vary from the standard Alicia.
  • Lamar Vault: A character unique to the anime (link).  He was a member of Faldio’s squad.
  • Mintsu: A character unique to the manga.  His parents died when he was young at the hands of imperial soldiers.  He joined Squad 7 but is mortified of combat, hence his placement as an engineer.
  • Julius Klose: A character unique to the manga.  Julius is an extraordinary sniper assigned to squad 7.  He prefers to be alone and is rather antisocial.  Sweet Cape.

The characters from the anime can be recruited using a secret password which can be found in the 6th DVD of the anime which goes on sale January 13th.

Likewise, those who read the web comic to the end will acquire the password for Mitsu and those who purchase a physical copy of the second volume will get a password for Julius.

Since the merchandising campaign for Valkyria Chronicles in America is not this aggressive, I am hoping all these characters will appear as DLC or in some other attainable form.

It really seems like the creators of Valkyria Chronicles know what their fans want in terms of bonus content.  Also, we haven’t even started on the DLC yet, so anything could happen — perhaps Edie will be popping up at some point?  One can only hope.

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4 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles 2: Welkin and Alicia Cameo Accounced

  1. Kabling says:

    Do you know if the passwords will be like a one time deal, like codes used for DLC on the PSN and stuff, or will the passwords be like in Portable Ops, where everyone is free to use ‘em?

  2. Andrew says:

    Awesome, Alicia is one of my favorite characters in recent memory. When her face appears covered in dirt screaming “Welkin!” with a smile on her face. Awesome.

    Also, I found myself relying mostly on Scouts in battle anyway!

  3. Roy says:

    @Kabling: No details as of yet, but I am guessing the passwords will work like the MGS ones where it isn’t a one-time only deal. This may be wishful thinking and I am still not even sure if or how Sega US would implement this.

    @Andrew: Alicia is definitely one of my favorite scouts and a great character all around. I think in terms of other female characters she definitely sets a good example.

    Also, you’re right, in the late game most people use only scouts since they are so much more mobile and are relatively strong with their grenade launcher and upgraded gear.

  4. Sam says:

    Can anyone please tell me where I can get the second volume of Valkyria Chronicles: Wish Your Smile manga so that I get Mintsu and Julius Klose as playable characters? Please reply.

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