Valkyria Chronicles II Demo on PSN Today and Bonus Characters Confirmed

With Valkria Chronicles II‘s release later this month, PSPs across the nation will be dusted off, charged, and updated.  Mirroring the treatment the game received in Japan, Sega has decided to release a playable demo of the game which hits the Playstation Network today.  It’s quite likely that this is simply a localized version of the same demo released in Japan, which I have already played and reviewed.  If you enjoyed the first game, or even if you didn’t play it, I encourage everyone to try this demo.

On the official Playstation blog some details were revealed suggesting we will get at least some of the bonus characters released in Japan:

Finally, I’d like to include one other confirmation here on the blog: We’ve added a few new exclusive items to the Western version of the game! Among the many stickers that you can get for your tank or vehicle, we’ve added in a few brand new ones that both old and new SEGA fans are sure to smile at. Those of you who loved the first game will also be happy to note that we’ve included a few original characters as unlockable Easter eggs, just like in the Japanese version.

As I understood it, said unlockable characters were only available via pre-orders and through purchasing the Valkyria manga and anime which provided passwords unlocking the bonus content.  The characters in question are:

Oh and for those still not in the know, there is also a slew of new features and a new weapon-class.  This should be more than enough to excite any fan of the game.  Valkyria Chronicles II goes on sale August 31st and you better believe I will be entering the hallowed walls of Lanseal Military Academy day one.

10 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles II Demo on PSN Today and Bonus Characters Confirmed

  1. Josh C. says:

    Didn't the Japanese unlockable characters include characters that died in the original VC along with some characters that appeared in the anime? Did they get rid of these nonsequitors in the American release?

    • kotowari says:

      I believe there may have been other characters available in Japan but I never wrote about them. I would assume since they are password based all the content is still on the UMD, so Sega would have to have intentionally removed the content (as they did with Yakuza 3). At this time there is really no way to know which characters will be available to us, but I would not be surprised either way. Leaving all of them would be good for the hardcore fans, but removing the ones featured in the anime and manga not licensed by Sega in the West also makes sense. I am confident at the very least that character featured in the original game will be available. :)

  2. Janssen4444 says:

    I just finished playing the demo.
    It's fairly short but it gives you enough of a sample of what to expect.
    I enjoyed it quite a bit…the original is one of my favourite games so i'm naturally quite excited for this, it's one of the reasons i purchased a PSP actually

    • kotowari says:

      I agree, the story looks much less dramatic and a bit more cliche which worries me. I don't really expect the game to be AS good as the first, but I still think it will be one of the better PSP title and the battle system alone makes it worth playing to me :o

        • kotowari says:

          Oh man, I totally agree. I would solo maps with her and just pretend the game was called Marina: Fuck Everyone Else. She is without a doubt my favorite character and most potential wife in the series 8O

  3. Ramune says:

    So many games coming out for PSP lately! I JUST finished Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, so I can dive right into Peace Walker. I'm currently finishing Phantasy Star Portable since PSP II comes out soon. I should finish Valkyria Chronicles as well! ^_^;

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