Valkyria Chronicles II Unlock Secret Characters: Isara Gunther, Edy Detachment, and Emilia

Last night on my way home I rather impulsively decided to purchase Valkyria Chronicles II. I loved the first game on a level which is difficult to put into words. As soon as I cracked the game open I wanted to try and get some secret characters from the first title.

To my dismay Sega changed all the passwords for the Japanese version of the game and will probably distribute them over time — although it looks like they were too lazy to change the method of obtaining Isara Gunther! By simply copying a save file from the first Valkyria Chronicles onto your memory stick, you can unlock her.

Here are instructions on how to do this:

  • Attach your PSP to your PS3 using the same USB cable used to charge your controller
  • Via the PSP’s interface enter USB mode
  • Via the PS3’s interface select your save file from Valkyria Chronicles (NOT the settings data, this will be a much smaller file then the actual save file) and select “copy”

If you don’t already have a save file from the first Valkyria Chronicles I was nice enough to upload my own personal file which you can download here.  After you extract it, insert the folder into the top level of the memory stick.  This should be where folders labeled “PSP” and “Save Files” appear already.

Once you have the data on your memory stick start the game up.  When you get to the menu go to “extras” and then select the “Link Data” option.  The game will scan your memory stick and instantly recognize the save file unlocking Isara!

Isara's potential "New Bonds" increases her defence

It may surprise you to learn that Isara is an armored soldier, the game’s newest and most unique jobclass. This contrasts her role as tank support in the first title, and is also surprising considering how frail she was treated. Now, I like to pretend that her allies thought she was too dangerous with her hammer in the first game so she was best left locked inside the tank. There she would constantly polish her hammer as a eerie smile came across her face. Now, in Valkyria Chronicles 2, she has been freed to quench her hammer’s undying thirst for blood.


A commenter by the name of Dahl provided me with the password which unlocks the six members of Edy’s Detachment.  The members are:

  • Edy Nelson
  • Homer Peron
  • Susie Evans
  • Lynn
  • Jann Walker
  • Marina Wulfstan

I found this to be an extremely helpful bit of content to unlock, especially early in the game when you have a small pool of characters to choose from.  Not to mention that some of these characters are just amazing — specifically Lynn (Hard Worker FTW) and Marina (<3).

Here is the password (note that all passwords are case sensitive):


There are also a couple passwords for some tank decals:

SEGA Logo – 6RK45S59F7U2JLTD

Since you can also acquire Emilia with a Phantasy Star Portable save file, you may want to check out the library of save files over at Gamefaqs.  If you get lost follow the same instructions above for unlocking Isara.

I will post more as other passwords become available.  I expect to see them possibly on the Sega America blog but if you stumble across anything before then please let me know.


Faldio’s password was added on the official Valkyria blog:


He is a lancer, and an awful one at that.  You’re better off bringing out just about any other lancer, although I highly recommend Rene.  There is also a code for a Gallian decal for your tank.  I could care less, I don’t even use the decal passwords!  Here it is though:



10 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles II Unlock Secret Characters: Isara Gunther, Edy Detachment, and Emilia

  1. Dahl says:

    You can also unlock Emilia from Phantasy Star Portable and two missions by having a PSP2 save in your Memory Stick ( you can even use a JP one, it works ), and a bunch of other characters from VC1 with these codes :

    Edy's Squad- CR6BG1A9LYQKB6WJ

    … and some stickers :

    Blitz Logo – VWUYNJQ8HGSVXR7J
    SEGA Logo – 6RK45S59F7U2JLTD

  2. stefkov says:

    Thanks for posting the mini how to.
    It's weird to see Isara again 2 years after everything took place, and also in fighting form.

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